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  In this world of turmoil, is there a possibility of peace?

   I have found that we CAN have peace in the midst of turmoil. It is not the kind of peace that the world is attempting to achieve, but rather, a peace that passes understanding.

   Upon us God has bestowed many great and precious promises. If we exercise faith in these promises, the result is increased knowledge, patience, self-control (temperance), godliness and brotherly kindness. This, in turn, results in a peaceful state of mind, resting assured that this peace is of far greater value than that which the world has to offer.

   Even as worldly knowledge increases and technology expands, we find the world suffering insurmountable ills. The discovery of another new disease seems to be occuring on a daily basis, we recognize that wars are being fought of which we have never heard and, for some, the ability to cope often fails.

   The world in which we live and the current state of affairs were both prophesied by God and foreseen by men. As prophecies continue to unfold, it becomes more and more evident that God had advance knowledge of the world's current condition, and that He has also provided a means by which we can not only cope, but live abundantly, if we so choose.

   Many ask me, “Why do you, as a Christian, involve yourself in the issues represented in the right-hand column of this site.” My answer to that is contained in two papers that I have written, titled, “Why Wrestle” and “Avoidance Survival.” In these considerations, you will find my views on how Christians should respond to the events that are transpiring around us.

   Within the pages of this site, you will find more than just one perspective. You will find a wide range of perspectives from which to draw your own conclusion(s). Although you may disagree with some of the things exposed and elaborated upon on this site, it is my hope that you will be alerted to some of the dastardly deeds that are being perpetrated against all of mankind. My main intent is to broaden the awareness of American Citizens to past events that have unfolded just as God said they would, current events that are unfolding as you read these words, and future events that will soon confront each of us.

   In the left-hand menu, titled, “Good News,” you will find biblical perspectives on the topics listed, and in the right-hand menu, titled, “Troubled World” are links that may broaden your view on current events and affairs. While some of the articles and video galleries under “Troubled World” may alarm you, rest assured, under “Good News” you will find that, in spite of the conditions that now exist in the world, there is an answer that can enable us all to endure until the end.
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